Welcome to SKI

Who are we?

  • We are the S.K.I. Schlegel & Kremer Industrieautomation GmbH. We have our company headquarters in Mönchengladbach.
  • We work internationally and therefore have sales partners in many countries around the world.


What do we do?

  • We are a manufacturer of industrial flow measurement technology. That means we help our customers to determine the velocity of flowing media.
  • We manufacture sensors, but also complete measuring equipment. Suitable for small, but especially for large and very large pipelines.
  • We are comfortable with flowing gases and liquids. For example, we manufacture tested and officially approved measuring devices for emission measurements. But this is only one of several products.
  • Our production is therefore familiar with the processing of high and ultra-high grade steels. 
  • We are not afraid of media that are dirty, toxic or corrosive. And likewise, our products can withstand very high temperatures and very high pressures. 
  • We operate our own testing and calibration facility and can legally prove the accuracy of our products.


Who is behind S.K.I. GmbH?

  • We are a medium-sized company from Germany, owned by the families of the founders.
  • We train our own junior staff or actively promote their training through various measures.
  • We develop our products and our processes ourselves, but we also work closely with well-known customers from various industries. And this equally as their customer as well as their supplier.


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