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Natural gas measurement in shipping

Despite vibrations and oscillations: During compression, the flow rate of the -140 °C cold natural gas is reliably measured shortly before liquefaction.

Industry sector: Shipping

Measurement of natural gas before liquefaction in a floating natural gas liquefaction plant

Due to its good transportability, LNG is becoming increasingly important. As part of LNG processing on board ships, the South Korean shipbuilding group DSME has commissioned a well-known compressor supplier to supply compressors for the compression of the -140 °C cold natural gas.

Due to the requirements regarding accuracy, robustness and reliability of the measurement of the volume flow of the natural gas, our SDF sensors were the first choice for this application. They are particularly suitable for applications where vibrations and oscillations are to be expected. While with other measuring methods the service life suffers as a result of moving parts or the measuring accuracy is significantly reduced, the result of SDF sensors remains unaffected.

In addition to the use of the measurements at these low temperatures, compliance with the special requirements in shipbuilding was of particular importance. Compliance with these requirements was certified by BUREAU VERITAS on the basis of extensive tests on the manufactured SDF probes and on all materials used.

We are pleased to have made a further contribution to secure energy supplies with clean energy sources.

— Friedhelm Kremer
Managing Director S.K.I. GmbH

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