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Robust natural gas measurement for a marine engine

In order to reduce emissions, ship engines will be operated with LNG as fuel for ships in the future. For this purpose, the amount of gas in the inlet to the engine must be measured.

Industry sector: Shipping

Natural gas measurement at the TUHH Hamburg University of Technology for a marine engine

The cruise ship industry has been booming for several years. It has become a trend to spend your holidays on a luxury liner, explore a different city every day and let yourself be pampered all around. However, shipping is responsible for large emissions of nitrogen and sulphur oxides due to the fuels used. Environmentalists have long been warning about air pollution on our oceans. When sailing in sensitive waters, the use of LNG is often unavoidable in order to comply with local regulations.

The Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH) has accepted the challenge of making shipping cleaner. In her research project, a single-cylinder marine engine is operated with natural gas, which results in significantly lower emissions by comparison. However, in order to measure the exact consumption of natural gas, the TUHH needs an accurate measuring instrument. Our specially manufactured SDF sensor for the feed line meets all requirements and ensures perfect operation. Under the harsh conditions in the machine room, our SDF sensor measures reliably, stably and accurately. Since our sensors are virtually service-free, we are sure that they would not only be able to travel around the world once.

We are proud to have a part in this research project and thus contribute to a clean environment.

— Timo Klosterhalfen
Sales Engineer

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