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Uninterruptible gas measurement in ATEX zone

The flow measurement by means of the FASTLOK sensor enables uninterrupted continuous operation of the chemical production – even when sampling in Ex zones.

Industry sector: Petrochemistry

Uninterruptible gas measurement in ATEX zone

One of the largest chemical companies in the world operates a polyethylene production plant in Germany. Various raw gases are produced in the process, which are combined to form a combustible gas mixture and then burned. This mixture contains different amounts of solids which polymerize on pipeline attachments.

In-line measuring instruments cannot be cleaned during operation. However, a production stoppage leads to loss of earnings and due to the size of the measuring instruments (nominal diameters between DN 300 and DN 500) the associated workload would be very high.

The FASTLOK variant of the SDF sensor is an alternative with lower acquisition and operating costs. It offers the customer the advantage of simple installation and removal without interrupting the operation of the production line.

The measuring openings of the pitot tube may become clogged as the operating time progresses, like other measuring instruments, but removal for cleaning is very simple and safe. The specially designed seal ensures that the explosive gas mixture does not escape into the environment. In order to ensure uninterrupted measurement operation, the end customer has several probes of the same type which can be easily exchanged.

Thanks to the sealing technology, the FASTLOK system is the safe solution even when handling hazardous media. Even at high pressures of 35 bar, the sensor can be removed easily and safely thanks to the gearbox and double spindle drive.


— D. Schlegel
International Sales Engineer

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