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Condensate measurements in large power plants

For the modern coal-fired power plant in Eemshaven, sensors including measuring sections for volume flow measurement were installed under high safety and availability standards.

Industry sector: Energy Industry

Sensor pre-installation in measuring sections for volume flow measurement of condensate in the Eemshaven power plant

The Eemshaven power plant, which was commissioned in 2015, has a total capacity of 1560 MW. It was built according to the latest state of the art and knowledge. This is another reason why it achieves a very high efficiency of 46 percent for a coal-fired power plant.

Pressure losses are always accompanied by energy conversions and thus contribute to the reduction of efficiency. For this reason, it was decided to implement the volume flow measurements in the condensate system with our SDF sensors, which, in addition to numerous other advantages, are characterized by an extremely low pressure drop.

Due to the contradictory requirements regarding low installation effort and the best possible accuracy, which requires an exact mounting of the SDF sensors, it was decided to install the sensors in measuring sections, so that only simple circumferential seams had to be realized on site.

For the high safety and availability requirements, the SDF sensors were partly equipped with two or three differential pressure transmitters (SIL2 or SIL3 requirements) for further processing of the measurement signal. In addition, our manufacturing processes as well as the execution of the work and the documentation were meticulously checked within the scope of various audits by the end customer and the TÜV Rheinland expert commissioned by him.

Conclusion: We are pleased that we were able to meet the extremely high requirements of the customer to his full satisfaction. This finally led to us being awarded the contract for comparable measurements for another power plant.

— Friedhelm Kremer
Managing Director S.K.I. GmbH

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