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Absolute pressure transmitter to measure fluid pressure.


Like other differential pressure elements SDF sensors generate a pressure difference that is quadratically proportional to the flow velocity and proportional to the media density.


The medium density changes with absolute pressure and temperature although the absolute pressure changes have although no impact on density of a liquid fluid.

To measure volume or mass flow accurately under changing operating temperature and pressure in gas or steam applications it is necessary to measure absolute pressure.

The P121 offers an accurate and economic solution to measure absolute pressure. We will take care of the correct device selection and best installation variant for you.


The P121 offers practical advantage wherever

  • a flow measurement with fluctuating operating pressure for gas or steam applications is required,
  • high accuracy is necessary,
  • the entire measurement system shall be robust and proven,

Technical specification

Measured quantity: Absolute pressure
Measurement span: 0,4 bar up to 250 bar
Linearity error: 0,25 % v. Endwert
Wetted parts: 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
Supply voltage: 24 V DC
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