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Safe protection for differential pressure steam measurements installed outside


When installing differential pressure based steam flow measurements outdoors there is a risk for the condensate to freeze in winter and damage the transmitter. In order to prevent this complex trace heating systems are usually required.

The Thermosafe is a compact and elegant alternative. It packs all parts of a flow measurement outside of the pipeline in a climate-proof enclosure and maintains them at stable conditions as far as possible. It goes beyond well-known transmitter protection boxes in its function: It offers not only protection for the electronics but also for all other installed elements against icing or typical problems of hypothermia.

The Thermosafe not only saves the user from laying the differential pressure lines but also from heating or insulating them. This makes it particularly suitable for use on pipeline bridges, roofs and external walls.

The thermosafe offers practical advantage wherever

  • Differential pressure based steam flow measurements shall be installed outside 
  • Compact design is preferred
  • The cost for installing pressure lines with heat tracing shall be saved.


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Technical specification

Fields of use: Differential pressure steam flow measurements installed outside
Design: Compact
Minimum ambient temperature allowed: −50 °C
ATEX Certification: ATEX Ex i (optional)
Supply voltage: 110 V AC or 230 V AC
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