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Product overview

Here you will find all our products including all technical data and documentation.

SDF-Sensors for Gases and Liquids

Averaging Pitot Tubes for accurate flow measurement of gases and liquids.

SDF-Sensors for Steam

Averaging Pitot Tubes for accurate flow measurement of saturated and superheated steam for low, middle and high pressure applications. 

Differential Pressure Sensors according to ISO 5167

Differential pressure flow sensors for flow measurement of gases, liquids and steam based on ISO 5167.

AccuFlo® LPD

Mass flow meter with certified accuracy for accurate measurement of gases, liquids and steam.

AccuFlo® HMP

Mass flow meter with certified accuracy for high accuracy flow measurement of gases, liquids and steam with very short straight pipe sections.

AccuFlo® Zero

Fully automatic, demand driven zero point calibration of differential pressure based flow measurements. 

AccuFlo® QAL

QAL1 and MCerts certified volume flow measurement for exhaust gas applications.


Universal flow and energy computer for liquids, gases, and steam with capacitve touch screen display and various interfaces. 

LSE-HD Back Purging Unit

Air purging unit for reliable and safe cleaning of measurement ports of differential pressure flow sensors in gas applications with high dust load. 


Safe and reliable protection of steam flow measurements under harsh ambient conditions. 



Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter to convert a physical differential pressure into an electric signal.


Absolute pressure transmitter to measure fluid pressure.

Temperature Sensors

Resistance thermometers and thermocouples to measure fluid temperature.

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