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Compressed air billing measurement

In the company's own compressed air system, the compressed air is to be measured at each individual compressor in order to know how expensive the end products are.

Industry sector: Construction and Raw Materials Industry

Targeted compressed air measurements for precise cost determination

A leading company in the building materials industry produces high quality fired products and minerals for many industries and applications. Production would not be possible without the existing compressed air system in the factory, which is used, among other things, for conveying purposes, supply of machines and pneumatic drives. A precise price calculation should therefore be drawn up in order to determine the exact price of the end products and for an unbeatable price-performance ratio vis-à-vis competitors. This is only possible, of course, if the system operator also receives the most accurate measured values from his compressed air system for billing purposes.

In order to meet these requirements, SDF sensors were chosen. The factory standard is a 2.5 and 7 bar compressed air network provided by a total of eight screw compressors and three turbo compressors. An SDF probe is used on each of the 11 compressors. The decisive factor for the selection was the measuring accuracy. The operator clarifies: "For billing purposes, the decisive criterion is accuracy. We found these in the SDF sensors. Due to their simple assembly, these have also been retrofitted several times in other departments. Since we have high demands on the measurements, we have the probes additionally checked by the S.K.I. service team at regular intervals".

Conclusion: The more than ten plants rely on our SDF probes as a precise, reliable and robust measuring instrument that is of direct use to the operator for billing purposes.

— Timo Klosterhalfen
Sales Engineer

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