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High-precision steam accounting measurement

Highly accurate measurement of steam quantities for the energy management system as well as reliable and transparent accounting of CO2 certificates.

Industry sector: Food Production

Highly accurate measurement of steam quantities for the energy management system of a salt mine

A large salt works in southern Germany operates a salt mine with an associated saline. For further processing of the salt, high-pressure steam is required, which is generated in the local power plant. The energy management department invoices the CO2 certificates on the basis of the amount of steam consumed.

In this case, special requirements are therefore placed on a traceable calibration and error limits of the measuring instrument in order to provide appropriate evidence to the authorities. The calibration of the measuring instrument by the Landesbetrieb für Mess- und Eichwesen (State Office for Metrology and Verification) provides corresponding proof.

Due to the complicated installation situation in the angled piping system, the customer did not have sufficient calming distances available. The choice therefore fell on the AccuFlo® HMP measuring device, which has been proven to measure reliably even with shortened inlet and outlet distances.

In order to ensure high accuracy in continuous operation, the customer also decided to install the AccuFlo® Zero as an automatic zero point calibration. Due to the installation location of the measurement in the heating cellar, measuring errors due to temperature influences (so-called "drift") may gradually increase in the long term. The measurement results cannot be corrected later for these measurement errors. The AccuFlo® Zero ensures that even in continuous operation, the measurement is carried out reliably within the specified error limits.

Conclusion: The customer ultimately chose the AccuFlo® HMP system in conjunction with the AccuFlo® Zero unit with S.K.I. because it represents the optimum package of measurement accuracy and long-term stability, taking into account the customer's specific requirements.

— D. Schlegel
International Sales Engineer

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