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Dust-loaded combustion air measurement: Maintenance-free thanks to automated air purging

Modern coal-fired power plants with high net efficiencies place the highest demands on the measurement and control of combustion air.

Industry sector: Energy Industry

Flow measurement and air purge for primary and secondary combustion air in Šoštanj coal-fired power plant

In 2012 Alstom built the new power plant unit 6 of the Slovenian lignite-fired power plant Šoštanj. The plant is characterized by state-of-the-art ultra-supercritical process technology at 270 bar steam pressure and a net efficiency of 43%. In order to meet these high requirements, the air supply to the coal firing system must be optimised. Optimum combustion enables maximum efficiency while minimizing pollutant levels and complying with modern emission regulations. The measurement and control of the air required for combustion is therefore of particular importance.

Classic Venturi instruments were used to measure the combustion air. The secondary combustion air is measured at a total of 16 further measuring points with SDF sensors. The probes convince especially with large channel cross-sections by reasonable costs and by the comparatively low requirements regarding calming distances.

At all measuring points, the end customer together with the plant manufacturer decided to use fully automatic LSE-HD air purging systems. In coal-fired power plants, it can naturally be assumed that the combustion air is laden with dust and particles. These impurities can block the measuring openings of primary elements such as venturis or SDF sensors in continuous operation.

Manual cleaning of the instruments is virtually impossible in continuous operation. Therefore, the LSE-HD offers the comfort of fully automatic cleaning without additional maintenance and thus offers a long-term stable measurement even under difficult conditions.

— D. Schlegel
International Sales Engineer

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