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Our goal: Flow measurement instrumentation has to work to allow customer and operator to focus on their primary tasks.

Our approach: To provide real customer benefit we design and provide technology with minimal maintenance requirements which can be installed and commissioned effortlessly by the user.

To achieve maintenance free flow measurements we focus on avoiding incorrectly calibrated differential pressure transmitters. Have a look at the AccuFlo® Zero which will perform a zero calibration of the transmitter everytime it is necessary. 

Of course our trained service engineers are at your disposal and will assist you if necessary. They are trained to validate, adjust and optimize new and existing technology under suboptimal conditions for new installations and maintenance of existing instruments.

Our scope of service works includes:

  • Validation and allocation of components for large projects
  • Review and verification installation of sensors and secondary instruments (transmitters, etc.)
  • Inspection of input values for flow measurements and results including error correction
  • On site velocity measurements in large pipes
  • Check of fluid properties and correction of calculation algorithms

Every service assignment will be completed by a written final report which will be coordinated with and signed by the customer on site. 

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