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Mass flow meter with certified accuracy for reliable measurement with low pressure drop of gases, liquids and steam


The AccuFlo®LPD is a high accuracy mass flow meter for accounting and transfer measurements even under extreme mechanical loads. It is optimally tailored to the respective measuring task. Thanks to its "plug-and-play" design, it offers fast installation and commissioning.

It is traceable to international standards and offers unique operational reliability based on the water calibration certificate of an approved body issued by a labratory (by an ISO 17025 labratory or an office of legal metrology). Unpleasant discussions about quality of energy and mass accounts and balances are a thing of the past-

The AccuFlo®LPD offers practical advantage wherever

  • Accurate and traceable measurements outside of the jurisdiction of the measurement instrument directive are required (e.g. steam measurements),
  • A „Plug-and-Play“ solution is preferred,
  • Reliable measurement results are required even under harsh operating conditions,
  • The measurement is supposed to be insensitive against pipe vibrations,
  • Only small permanent pressure losses are allowed due to technological or economical reasons.


Further information

Product brochure (gas measurement system)


Product brochure (liquid measurement system)


Product brochure (steam measurement system)


Installation and operation manual


Technical specification

Measured quantity: Flow (as volume flow, mass flow, standardized volume flow, transferred heat or velocity)
Absolute Pressure
Measured medium: Gases (with dust, water saturated, corrosive) Liquids (low viscosity)
Steam (saturated and superheated)
Temperature range: Standard: −50 … 450 °C, optional up to 500 °C
Pressure range: Standard: PN10 up to PN
100 (AISI Class 150 up to AISI Class 600)
Higher pressure ratings upon request
Diameter range: DN 25 up to DN 300
1" up to 12"
(larger diameters upon request)
Required straight inlet and outlet pipe runs: Standard: 7xD inlet, 3xD outlet (partial straight inlet and outlet pipe run are already included in the device)
Material: Flow sensor: 1.4404 (AISI 316L) or 1.5415 (ASTM A335 Grade P1/F1)
Pipe section: 1.0345 (P235GH, ASTM A 105/106), 1.4404 (AISI 316L) or 1.5415 (ASTM A335/A 182 Grade P1/F1)
Measurement range: 1:7, optional 1:40
Error limit: ±0,6 % of mass flow in the calibrated range
Zero point error: ±0,07 % of full scale in the calibrated range
Flow computer: For panel or wall mounting
TFT colour display with touch screen
2 analog outputs (0)4 ... 20 mA
3 switching outputs (freely selectable function incl. alarm)
Fieldbuses (Modbus; Profibus/Profinet in preparation)
Auxiliary power 90 ... 250 V AC or 18 ... 36 V DC
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