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Industry sector: Paper and Printing Industry

Improvement of energy efficiency by measuring the required energy quantities for the heat transfer media steam and thermal oil

As part of the energy management system introduced to increase energy efficiency, we were commissioned together with Siemens to equip the energy flows for the heat transfer media steam and thermal oil with reliable measurements.

Important for the customer, Sihl from Düren, was our complete service, which included the delivery of seven pressure and temperature compensated steam quantity measurements, three heat quantity measurements for Thermina Oil B including the evaluation electronics built into a switch cabinet as well as the commissioning service.

Since the thermal oil used tends to crystallize at room temperature, the sensors used had to be suitable for cleaning or backwashing.

Due to this requirement in connection with the reliability already proven in the past as well as optimal adaptability to the respective measuring task one decided for the employment of our SDF sensors in connection with our compact computers.

Conclusion: The measurements have now been successfully in operation for several years. The Sihl project manager also confirmed this: "We can now analyze and optimize the energy quantities of the individual production areas consistently and transparently."

Friedhelm Kremer
— Friedhelm Kremer
Managing Director S.K.I. GmbH
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