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High Accuracy Water Flow Calibration - not only, but also for Flow Meters with special requirements

Calibration of flow meters is required when a measurement is not subject to a metrological standard (such as the measurement equipment directive) but the flow meter will be installed at transfer point between two individual parties or a calibration is mandatory according to an underlying standard. Our flow measurement solutions fit these particular requirements.  Therefore calibration services are an integral part of our business. AccuFlo® mass flow meters will be calibrated and certified either at our own water calibration facility or at an independent, accredited 3rd party labratory.

In 2015 we commissioned our own water calibration labratory due to the paramount importance of calibration expertise and the necessary calibration technology. As of now we provide factory calibration services for our own instruments and for those of other parties but the final goal is to become DAkkS accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025. Therefore all our master meters are already traceable to international metrological standards. All master meters have been calibrated at the National Metrology Institute of Germany PTB in Braunschweig.

As of now we offer calibration services in a flow range of 0.3 up to 800 m3/h for diameters from DN15 (1/2") up to DN300 (12") at a reference accuracy of up to 0.1%. 

In addition to the reference accuracy of our calibration rig, we have paid special attention to the flexibility with regard to the installation options of the test specimen in our water flow test rig. Thus we are not only able to mount test specimens with a total length of a few millimetres up to a length of 6 metres, but also special constructions including the inlet and outlet disturbances existing on site.

The picture shows an AcuFlo®HMP light DN300 including two inlet bends as well as a control valve and two 90° bends in the outlet.

We are your reliable partner for flow calibrations. We are looking forward to calibrating your individual flow meter as well serial calibrations of larger number of flow meters. 

The picture below shows 38 flow meters of different diameters which were calibrated at our facilities including their respective inlet and outlet disturbances as requested by the end customer.

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