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Universal flow and heat quantity computer with capacitve touch display and various interfaces


Even though many flow and heat quantity calculations are now carried out in control systems compact flow computers still play an important role. This applies in particular if either no suitable control system is available or the required calculation algorithms are not economically feasible in the existing control system.

When selecting a suitable flow computer the user often faces the problem that the required calculation is not available at all or that a suitable device must be selected from a large number of hardware and software variants with different operating philosophies. Costly and time consuming mistakes are inevitable.

The AccuMind® offers numerous calculation algorithms in one device with a uniform operating philosophy. Despite the underlying complexity the device is very simple to operate. The first step is to select the desired application. Depending on the application, only those values are entered in the parameterization menu which are necessary for the device to function correctly. In the last step, the user can then freely assemble displays according to his wishes within wide limits.

Do you prefer a plug-and-play solution? Then simply order the device parameterized.

Since the AccuMind® has a modern touch display and various bus interfaces as well as an Ethernet interface as standard, it is also prepared for the requirements of industry 4.0. Due to the digital interfaces to the flow sensors, it is not only possible to access the AccuMind® via PC or tablet but also directly to the field device.

The AccuMind® offers practical advantage wherever

  • Flow calculation shall be done based on complex algorithmus such as AGA-8, SGERG-88, AGA-NX 19, ISO 20765-1, AGA-3, AGA-5, AGA-7, AGA-10 or AGA-11,
  • Linearity errors of DP flow instruments shall be corrected in real time to improve accuracy,
  • Bidirectional flow measurement is required,
  • Individual calibration curves shall be stored and used
  • Operation shall be easy to use,
  • Composition of the display shall be flexible,
  • Modern interfaces are required.


Further information

Product brochure


Installation and operation manual


Technical specification

Calculation algorithms
Water and steam: IAPWS-97
Technical gases; Ideal gas law, various real gas equiations, natural gas algorithms
Heat carrier oils: Parameterization based on individual properties
Other fluids: Constant characteristics
Flow meter technology: Special calculation algorithms for differential pressure instruments, ultrasonic instruments, volumetric instruments and mass flow sensors
Input signals:
Flow: 2 × 0/4 … 20 mA with FSK-Modem for HART-devices
2 × Frequency Input
Temperature: 2 × Pt100, 2 × 0/4 … 20 mA
Absolute Pressure: 1 × 0/4 … 20 mA
Output Signals 2 × 0/4 … 20 mA
1 × mechanical relais
2 × electronic relais
Fieldbus Interfaces: Modbus RTU and TCP
Profibus, Profinet upon request
User Interface: TFT Color display with capacitive touchscreen
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