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Steam quantity measurements in different process lines

Precise and consistent steam quantity measurements ensure perfect operation of a combined cycle power plant.

Industry sector: Energy Industry

Steam quantity measurements in the various secondary lines in a combined cycle power plant

A gas and steam combined cycle power plant is characterised by a particularly high degree of efficiency due to the combination of a gas turbine and a downstream steam turbine. For perfect plant operation, it is necessary to measure the steam quantities accurately and reliably.

The municipal combined cycle power plant supplies its industrial customers with process steam and provides the surrounding population with hot water. The complex arrangement of the steam network, which is divided from the main line into different secondary lines on different levels, places special demands on the measurement technology. Our customer came to us with the task of installing reliable and long-lasting measurements to record the steam quantities in the secondary lines.

The SDF steam sensors have more than met these requirements. The customer is now in a position to carry out a precise balancing in his complete steam network and to guarantee perfect plant operation. The built-in SDF sensors and their low pressure losses in the system even save additional energy compared to standard measuring orifices.

The plant operator commented on his experiences with the words: "I liked even the easy installation and commissioning. The fact that the measurement results were also correct finally convinced me. The equipment of further measuring stations is already being planned."

Timo Klosterhalfen
— Timo Klosterhalfen
Sales Engineer
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