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Steam quantity measurement in a waste incineration plant

For billing purposes and for energy balancing, the steam quantity is measured by calibrated measuring sections in the waste incineration plant.

Industry sector: Energy Industry

Steam quantity measurement in a waste incineration plant

For many fellow human beings the way of their produced garbage ends with the disposal in the corresponding garbage cans. True to the motto "Out of sight, out of mind", very many people do not know that energy is produced from waste. Waste incineration plants not only serve to eliminate our mountains of waste, but also generate energy through the incineration process.

A waste incineration plant on the Dutch coast follows exactly this scheme. Our SDF steam sensors guarantee precise conclusions about the steam quantities in the main flow as well as additional measurements after the reduction and distribution stations. Important for the customer were the highest possible measuring accuracy and a design that minimizes the effect of possible assembly errors. For this reason, we installed our SDF steam sensors in measuring sections and calibrated them as a complete system on our in-house test bench.

Not only we, but also the plant operator is very impressed with the precision of our special design and then notices that "high-precision steam quantity measurements are of enormous importance for an energetic balancing of the plant. The calibrated SDF steam measuring sections more than meet these requirements."

The simple installation of a fully functional and operational measurement in an existing system, freely based on the plug & play principle, is an additional delight for our neighbours in the Netherlands.

Timo Klosterhalfen
— Timo Klosterhalfen
Sales Engineer
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