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Industry sector: Oil and Gas Production

Official exhaust gas volume flow measurement of gas turbines on Jamal Peninsula

The Jamal Peninsula is home to some of the world's largest gas reserves. The Yamal LNG project includes a gas-fired power plant for heat and power supply. Siemens SGT-800 gas turbines are used for this purpose.

The challenge in this project was the combination of high technical requirements and harsh climatic conditions. At the same time, the measurement technology had to meet the official requirements for volume flow measurements in the flue gas as well as local Russian regulations. As the SDF probe has a suitability test of the St. Petersburg Metrological Institute as a measuring instrument, it can be used for volume flow measurements.

By using application-specific materials, the probes can withstand a length of more than 3 m and temperatures of 650 °C, as can be expected in the bypass chimneys of gas turbines.

To reduce the number of interfaces at the chimney, volume flow measurement, absolute pressure measurement and temperature measurement are integrated in one flange. Thanks to the TSK thermal protection box with its Arctic lining and double heating, all integrated measurements are protected simultaneously and can withstand ambient temperatures of -40 °C.

Conclusion: The customer particularly appreciated the reliable and robust design of the AccuFlo®QAL, ideal for harsh climatic conditions.

In addition to the special technical requirements, S.K.I. was also able to meet the tight schedule in order not to jeopardise the costly transport and thus the execution of the project.

Daniel Schlegel
— D. Schlegel
International Sales Engineer
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