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Industry sector: Steel and Metallurgical Industry

QAL1-certified flue gas and flue gas quantity measurements in one of the largest and most modern lead smelters in the world

Berzelius operates one of the largest and most modern lead smelters in the world. As an environmentally conscious company, it pays special attention to environmental protection. All plants are therefore equipped in such a way that the relevant emission limit values are not only observed but, if possible, not exceeded. This must be demonstrated to the authorities. A special requirement is to design the measuring systems in such a way that accurate measurement results are achieved even with sometimes extremely short inlet and outlet distances.

In recent years we have equipped several chimneys and exhaust pipes with our QAL1-certified AccuFlo®QAL volume flow measurements. Berzelius chose us as its partner in this field, as we not only offer suitability-tested and certified measuring systems, but also offer all the services required to ensure perfectly functioning measuring systems. These range from advice on the selection of the suitable measuring location and the suitable measuring system to commissioning service and annual maintenance of the installed measurements.

We are pleased to make an important contribution to the protection of our environment with our measurement systems and services.

Friedhelm Kremer
— Friedhelm Kremer
Managing Director S.K.I. GmbH
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